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  • Clinical Examination

  • Additional Investigations such as radiographs

  • Treatment Planning

After your consultation

  • If you need treatment and are ready for treatment we are usually able to start within a few weeks.

  • If you are not ready for treatment ( perhaps because we need to wait until some more permanent teeth erupt) we have a recall system and we may arrange to see you at intervals until you are ready to commence treatment.

Clinical Examinations

This involves careful consideration not only of the teeth and their positions, but also the jaw, cheeks and lips, since all of these features combine to make the overall facial appearance.

Additional Investigations

Special X-rays may be needed to check on the presence and position of teeth that have not yet appeared in the mouth, and to assess how the underlying shape of the jaw might affect the position of the teeth. We have all the necessary equipment in the practice to take the required X-rays.

Plaster study models may be needed to make an accurate assessment of how much space is available in the jaw to plan the final position of the teeth. Study models are constructed by taking impressions which are then sent to a laboratory where the models are made.

Treatment Planning

Treatment plans are based on the specific problems of the patient and are each individually tailored to meet the patients specific needs. Treatment plans may be simple and quick or complicated with several stages spread over a period of time.

Often treatment plans can be put into action straight away, but sometimes they may need to be delayed for a short while until all the permanent teeth are in place.

There may be only one possible plan for treatment but sometimes there are several options. If necessary, a second appointment will be made for further discussion before a decision is made.

Whatever the treatment plan, you will be informed of all your options and given the best possible advice. The final decision will always be yours.

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