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Or more commonly known as 'braces' put gentle but constant pressure on teeth, this way the teeth slowly move. The pressure does not need to be strong but it must be constant.

Lingual Braces

These are braces that fit onto the back of your teeth so that they are hidden from view. If you do not like the thought _of have a visible brace, then these are for you…

If your not happy with your smile?

Lingual Braces could be the answer - but first, you’ll need some important questions answered. It’s no good planning to dazzle people with your stylish smile if you’re already blinded by too much information. Download information sheet HERE

Ceramic Braces

These braces fit on the outside of your teeth and are tooth coloured. They feature colour-matching technology that allows them to blend naturally with individual teeth, making them virtually invisible.

But Ceramic Braces don’t just look better - they are
precision-engineered to offer superior strength and _accuracy to ensure your treatment goes smoothly and on schedule, exactly as planned. Download information sheet HERE

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